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KinderGym is a set of 3 structured programs focused on children having fun with their parents & caregivers while developing the fundamentals of movement. Each program leads into the next but can be started at any time or stage. The first of the KinderGym programs is Phoenix Hatchlings, the second is Phoenix Nestlings and the third is Phoenix Fledglings. While there are age groups specified for each of the programs these are guidelines only with each child recognised for their physical & emotional readiness to move to the next program.

Phoenix Hatchings

Phoenix Hatchlings classes are for 1 - 2 years of age. These Hatchlings have fun with their parents and caregivers rolling, walking, jumping, dancing, playing games, generally having a real ball. The program is structured but definitely still loads of fun for everyone.

Phoenix Nestlings

Phoenix Nestlings are for 2 - 3 years of age and is still orientated to having their parents & caregivers with them. Again these classes are all about fun & games, structured fun & games but definitely still great fun. So much fun they don’t even realise they are learning new skills.

Phoenix Fledglings

Our Phoenix Fledglings classes are the final part of the KinderGym program and are for children aged 4 - 5 years old. This program is where the children are really starting to put things together and more obviously incorporate higher level movement skills into the fun & games. In this program parents & care givers are still there but can step back a bit to give their children greater independence.


School Programs

The Coaches of Phoenix Gymnastics have been supporting the Physical Education curriculum of a number of Fraser Coast schools for many years now and can do the same for your school, day care, Kindergarten and home school program. Weekly classes throughout a term, one-off classes for something different or perhaps making gymnastics a reward session.

Our specially designed sessions can be provided at the Gymnasium for the full experience or we bring a great selection of our equipment to your school / centre.

Talk to us to find out more about what we can do for you.