Men's & Woman's Artistic Gymnastics

WAG: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
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WAG Gymnasts have 4 apparatus to learn the skills of and to train on. Uneven Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. Each of these apparatuses require different skills but all are focused on demonstrating balance, control, flexibility and grace.
MAG: Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
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MAG Gymnasts learn the skills of and train on 6 different apparatus – Pommel, High Bar, Floor, Vault, Rings, and Parallel Bars. Each of these apparatuses require different skills but all are focused on demonstrating strength, control, flexibility and balance.

Junior Steps

Junior Steps is Phoenix's own program especially for those transitioning from KinderGym. It focuses on the skills of WAG & MAG gymnastics but throughout the term introduces elements of our other GymSports; Free G, Rhythmic & Aerobic Gymnastics, and Tumbling. This means that when the gymnast is ready to progress they have a better idea of what Gymsport most appeals.

Phoenix Steps

Male and Female Gymnasts each have their own set of apparatus and skills (MAG & WAG) and in Phoenix Steps each gymnast learns these skills and progresses through the levels of difficulty as their abilities develop. If you want to learn how to cartwheel, do a flip, glide along a narrow beam, swing through the air with the greatest of ease or do a handstand then Phoenix Steps will teach you how to do all this and much more.

Traditionally gymnasts are recreational or competitive but at Phoenix Gymnastics we understand that Gymnasts might want to be both and so we say ‘sure, you can be both if you want’. Phoenix Steps has taken tradition Gymnastics and given it a modernisation. If a gymnast wants the opportunity to compete against other gymnasts but isn’t ready to commit to the more intensive Phoenix Competitive program we will still give them that opportunity and proudly cheer them on when they are out there doing their best. If a Gymnast wants to be there simply for the fun of learning Gymnastics then they are as welcome as any other and we will celebrate each of their achievements too.

MAG and WAG are both designed to develop coordination, fitness, strength, balance and flexibility as well as self-discipline and motivation, all of which benefits them in any other sport or activity. Our classes have gymnasts grouped by ability and age so that each Gymnast gets to learn with their peers.

Phoenix Competitive

Our MAG & WAG Phoenix Competitive Squads are for those with the interest, willingness and dedication to really push themselves to achieve with their Gymnastics training. Being part of a Competitive Squad means more training hours, more effort, more self-discipline and much more attention to detail. It's not for everyone but it's also not just for those with 'natural talent', it's about the gymnast's willingness to put in the effort to achieve.

Entry to the Competitive Squads are by assessment and invitation only but you are always welcome to discuss this with your coach and request an assessment from the Head Coach.

While there is more discipline required in competition training Phoenix Competitive is run according to our club vision: All gymnasts are treated with equal respect regardless of level or program, training should be a positive experience, and no bullying is allowed or tolerated.


School Programs

The Coaches of Phoenix Gymnastics have been supporting the Physical Education curriculum of a number of Fraser Coast schools for many years now and can do the same for your school, day care, Kindergarten and home school program. Weekly classes throughout a term, one-off classes for something different or perhaps making gymnastics a reward session.

Our specially designed sessions can be provided at the Gymnasium for the full experience or we bring a great selection of our equipment to your school / centre.

Talk to us to find out more about what we can do for you.