Egg #3 - Let's Get This Party Started

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Egg #3 - Let's Get This Party Started

Of course we want to increase our social media presence but also doing this was pretty fun. Not quite as simple as we first expected but fun none the less. When we first started thinking about a giveaway we were planning on doing a classic 'Like Share Tag Win' competition but when getting it ready we checked the rules of Facebook (FB) and discovered that FB hasn't actually allowed those competitions to occur since 2013. I guess when they do occur they are flying under FB's radar but it does explain why those type of competitions aren't seen much of late.

So down the rabbit hole we went. There are more rules, assorted apps, techniques for this'n'that and ways to skirt around the rules (none of which seemed right or effective). Ultimately we chose the path that kept us within the rules and searched through the apps until we found the right one and got it going.

So here we are, launching a competition with multiple ways to enter and multiple entries to be claimed. How many people will enter? We don't know. Will the competition increase our presence on social media? We don't know that either. Did our sidekick enjoy doing the research and then creating the competition? We are assured that despite an occasional coarse word (mostly after discovering the original competition is not allowed on FB) they really did enjoy the process.

The prize though was easy. In fact it was the prize that first inspired the idea of having a giveaway. If you haven't already seen it, we are giving away a Gymnastics Wear Australia Christmas Pack. We chose the towel but you get to choose the other elements and seeing as it's from GWA you know that it's a quality prize.

Comp pic