Egg #4 - Where are we at?

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Egg #4 - Where are we at?

Term 4 2020 and the Christmas holidays was going to be our time, the time when Phoenix Gymnastics would rise from the fire that made us and offer a unique opportunity for gymnastics to the Fraser Coast Community right here in Hervey Bay. We were prepared for it to take time and a heck of a lot of effort but we saw the need and believed in what we could provide. With that firmly in our mind we left our previous club and stepped up to the challenge. Of course nothing ever goes to design and the timeline hasn’t quite worked out as we hoped and planned but we are almost there.

Hoops & hurdles is how we initially described what we had to get through and over to realise our dream but over time those hoops & hurdles became tunnels & roadblocks, delaying our opening further & further. It felt like we were climbing a mountain; we could see the summit and planned our route but when we got there we discovered that wasn’t actually the summit, there was still more to do. From securing finance to getting approval for our gymnasium, each time we met the criteria we were then told ‘ok, now you need to do this to get approved’. Everything seemed geared towards big businesses, franchises or those with the financial to hire the right people to get it done. We weren’t any of those but we have, and still are, persevering to realise our dream.

We have been fortunate to have the support of some wonderful people and organisations, be it with advice, time, money, or simply checking in on us to see how we are going. Friends & families and even people we haven’t met in real life have stepped up and not just said ‘we believe in you’ but put actions into place to show us that our dream was theirs as well.

So where is Phoenix Gymnastics now and what are we up to?

  • We have been recognised by Gymnastics Queensland & Gymnastics Australia and have achieved accreditation with Gymnastics Australia (Club ID 3171671) which in itself is no small step.
  • We have launched Burrum KinderGym to give families outside of Hervey Bay the opportunity to undertake KinderGym classes without having to travel into town. Our one-off sessions (including our recent Christmas themed class) are the lead in to regular KinderGym classes in Term 1 2021.
  • Howard State School sought us out to provide a rewards day activity for their students and from this they then asked us to provide a weekly gymnastics training as part of the school’s Term 4 sports program.
  • We have secured premises for our gymnasium at 1-3 Averial Close Dundowran. Vison Property Management and the property owner have been great but this was one of the ‘mountain climbing‘ elements we mentioned earlier. It is only after Council approved our 66 page application for a Material Change of Use that we were informed we must also have it certified from a class 8 to a class 9b property. 2 steps forward, 1 step back and another lengthy delay but we are getting closer.
  • Our Coaches and members shirts have been designed and produced. Keep an eye out around town for them. They are definitely not a hide in the background design, that Phoenix orange is burning bright!
  • Each of our Coaches have been working to update their qualifications and actively improve their skills and knowledge ready for our launch. Phoenix Gymnastics continues to have the highest qualified coaching Team on the Fraser Coast and now we also have a qualified Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach so watch out for those classes commencing in Term 1 2021
  • You’ve already seen much of it so you know that our branding has been finalised but there are a couple more bits to come yet.
  • Last but not least of the big stuff is the IT side of Phoenix Gymnastics. You are here now so you’ve seen our website already but under the bonnet it has been suped up & optimised ready for online registrations and the Member’s Portal. We still have yet to replace the LEGO dinosaur & Stormtrooper pics with our own but you have to admit they are a bit cute. There is also the drier IT elements such management software, data storage and stuff but chances are no one is particularly interested in hearing about that so we’ll leave that stuff alone.

You’ve got this far in the blog but chances are what you really want to know is ‘when is the Phoenix Gymnastics Gymnasium opening?’. Well we still can’t give a definite date and it’s probably not going to be before Christmas but at this time we looking good for opening in January 2021. Hmm, best get our Website Designer onto updating the 'Coming Soon' badges.

All of us in the Phoenix Gymnastics Family want to thank you all for your patience, support and understanding as we continue to move forward on our journey.

#PhoenixProud #WhereWeRise

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