Egg #2 - Focusing but not where we thought

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Egg #2 - Focusing but not where we thought

It’s interesting how things are progressing. Not so much the physical side of setting up Phoenix Gymnastics though that is very exciting and garnering us a lot of enquiries as to where we will be and when. Rather more interesting though has been our focus for our programs.

Competition has always been a big part of Gymnastics and the performance of the competitive gymnasts can be perceived and projected as a measure of the worth of a Gymnastics Club. We’ve come to realise that while we will be providing high level competitive Gymnastics training that has not been the focus of where our excitement and planning has been.
Instead, what we have been most excited about and planning for have been our non-competitive programs: Phoenix Progressions, FreeG, All Abilities, KinderGym and Fitter For Life. These are the programs that are the most discussed and planned for. Looking at these programs and thinking about how we can build them so that we can offer fun and unique activities to all persons of the Fraser coast.

KinderGym is being rewritten to take in new activities and to offer a greater diversity of developmental opportunities. FreeG is getting more equipment and more Coaches. Recreational programs have become Phoenix Progressions and will provide greater opportunity and fluidity of movement between programs for Gymnasts. All Abilities is being planned and networked so that we have true input from experts and stakeholders. Fitter For Life is being introduced and is all about our (& your) parents & grandparents being the best they can be in their daily activities.

Each of us has a different area of gymnastics we most enjoy and want to focus on but every one of us gets just as excited about all of these programs. We will be striving for the best in our competitive program but it really came home just how much everyone will be valued and included at Phoenix Gymnastics. Our tagline of ‘Where We Rise’ is really about ‘Giving Everyone The Opportunity and Support To Rise’.

BTW, have you seen our new Coach’s shirts yet? Plus, if you look closely at the picture you will find the secret code for extra entries to our competition

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