Egg #1 - On Our Way To Wonderful

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Egg #1 - On Our Way To Wonderful

When we sat down and started planning our website & social media we decided to include a blog. In fact we even got so far as to planning our first few posts. Our plan was to have our first post be about where we came from and why we decided we had to go out on our own. The next post would then be about where we are going to. After a bit we stopped and thought that where we came from is important to us as it's our story but it's not a story that needs to be told here, what we really need to tell is where we are going. After all, Phoenix Gymnastics is 'Where We Rise'.

So where are we going to? There has been plenty of questions about it and now we can start providing some answers. We have found the perfect place for Phoenix Gymnastics gymnasium. So perfect it's ready to go as is but, as with everything there are just a couple of hurdles to overcome before we announce it.

Funding is looking good and equipment is being sourced. In the case of some awesome KinderGym stuff and a few other bits, equipment is already being gathered together at Harry HQ.

'Harry HQ', what the heck? It's an in-joke but we'll share it now we are flying out on our own. When we first came up with name Phoenix Gymnastics one of us made a reference to Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix and from there we started referring to ourselves as 'The Harrys'. A code-name if you will. We usually catch up at Jo's place so that has become 'Harry HQ'. Since then Brontë & Chloe have taken to referring to themselves as the 'Weasley Twins' and Jo's husband David has been a 'Harryeteer'. The other husbands have yet to consent to a nickname but perhaps as a group they could be called The Ginnys', after all each of them is rather keen on a Harry.

Anyhow, back on track. While having a fully set up gymnasium is important, for us it is not the focus of what we are creating with Phoenix Gymnastics. We are creating a safe environment for everyone to come to; an environment that is free from bullying, where everyone is valued, included, respected and empowered to succeed, and where the idea of Phoenix Gymnastics as family is a genuine and positive truism. This is what is truly important to us and where our dream is taking us.

We have our plans, our goals, our dream, and together we invite everyone to journey along with us. To keep up to date with our progress follow us on Facebook & Instagram, subscribe to our newsletter or send us an email.
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