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Aerobic Gymnastics
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Aerobic Gymnastics is about energy & performance so It's the perfect sport for active people with energy to burn. Like it's name suggests, Aerobic Gymnastics originated from traditional aerobic dance however combining it with gymnastics made for a more explosive, energetic and entertaining sport.

Aerobic Gymnastics requires the athlete to perform complex and high intensity movement patterns to music and must demonstrate continuous movement, flexibility, strength and utilisation of the seven basic steps.

Aerobic Gymnastics is competed individually or as a duo, trio or a team of 4-6 athletes. Want to know more? Click HERE to watch 'All about Aerobic Gymnastics' on the FIG Channel.


School Programs

The Coaches of Phoenix Gymnastics have been supporting the Physical Education curriculum of a number of Fraser Coast schools for many years now and can do the same for your school, day care, Kindergarten and home school program. Weekly classes throughout a term, one-off classes for something different or perhaps making gymnastics a reward session.

Our specially designed sessions can be provided at the Gymnasium for the full experience or we bring a great selection of our equipment to your school / centre.

Talk to us to find out more about what we can do for you.